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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Purpose of Stories

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We tell stories through movies & series, produced by expensive studios paying skilled actors. This allows for a better production, and a more exciting display. But it also makes for a less personal and less detailed narration, as is available through simple word of mouth.

A captivating tale, indeed!

Folk stories were passed on according to place & time. They changed narration to fit the situation. To give the best value, in the form of education; whether moral or practical. They were heeded and used, and while entertaining, also raised caution and curiosity in the listeners.

In stark contrast to word of mouth, media productions are not better than eyecandy and plain entertainment. They fail to make the audience learn from others, but instead encourage a mimicking of character, without any understanding of cause & effect. This is how we get a culture of people behaving like retards, trying to be popular.

Even now, people sit alone in front of their computer, television, and phone screen. More alone that ever before, as media has become so accessible, privately. For studying this is a great boon; you can study anything, anytime, anywhere. But for socializing, a more urgent need, we no longer tell stories, and figure those stories out, in groups.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Technology Made The Whole World A Prison

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Today, people are less free than ever before. All people, everywhere in the world, are now bound to the control of a government. No one is free from the say of another person; not even the remote vagabond or the hermit.

It is only with the advancing of technology that the fascists are able to monitor and control everyone, so tightly. While we enjoy improved communications, entertainment, and automation, our slavers can tighten their leashes and enforce their will, in its entirety.

In the past, different forms of slavery and rule existed, but there was always space to keep away from such things, and keep to your own small & remote community. Today, even empty deserts and remote forests are under the "rule of law."

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We now have a culture of laboring for others, most of our waking hours, and being inside small rooms during. In opposition to it, there is the Rewild movement.

Ecovillages. Permaculture. Organic Agriculture. No movement is attending the issue of freedom. They all try to improve on our current life style, without addressing the source of the problem. That no one can live as they wish, without answering to another - the government.

Only Rewilders intuit the need to be free of these coerced bonds between people. That being born does not mean giving consent to what those before you have decided.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

You Are Not Suffering Enough

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I need you to suffer.

That is how I grow.

You are alive, while suffering.

What does not kill you, makes me stronger.

Mute faces turn alive.

There is meaning to your existence, when you suffer.

Monday, August 10, 2015

How To Identify Reliable Opinions

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I check with others, who have different varying experiences, to form opinions about unknown topics. This can either be achieved through gossip, or actual presentation of evidence and arguments. The two tend to get mixed together to some degree.

The only way to quickly figure out if information may be true is by using Logic. However, the language of Logic is not as popular as it is useful. This means most people do not verify the gossip they hear, in any methodical way.

I LOL'd :D

Knowing this, many people take it on themselves to "inform" the public, regularly. Politicians, news-spokesmen, media representatives, and so on. All of them make a salary from passing on gossip to people, which more often than not is unverified and false.

Also, due to the ease of access and vagueness of information, their followers become dependent. Those public speakers become their daily source of information and social entertainment. Their window to the world, so to speak.

There is only one way to avoid false reports and useless gossip, so that you make opinions that reflect reality and are helpful to you: Having standards. Well, we all have different standards, so the requirement is high standards.

What do you know about the person speaking?

Would they have incentive to lie?

Do they verify their own sources of information?

Are you being told about research that is financed by a group with a particular interest?

Research financed by tobacco companies, showing no-correlation between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, is not a surprise. News channels censoring any incriminating items about their sponsors, or anyone related to their funding, is again not a surprise. Even medical companies sponsoring dangerous pills that cause more harm than help, when it comes to the wide public, is only economically expected.

So, doubt both the person and the information they speak. Ask questions, and see if there is any resistance to providing evidence. Look for falsifiable arguments and statements, and see if they are actually being supported by the evidence.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ordered Code Versus Efficient Code

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The less I say in a single short phrase, the more meaning I pass with less effort. This is also true about coding computer software & websites. Commands can be passed in a simple, very readable fashion, similar to how we would talk to another person.

Or, commands can be passed in sophisticated, complex, and convoluted ways, which logically give the same results. But these complex methods, while more efficient for a computer, are much harder for a human to follow and figure out.

Making voxels with colors, lights, and different selection modes.

I have spent the last few months working on a new project in Node.js, using a front-end library for WebGL, called THREE.js. I am creating a 3D virtual world that uses voxels - 3d particles, usually cubes, for all its objects.

Two choices were in front of me: One, put a keyboard key-press event where it happens, which would be efficient. Two, put the event in a fast loop, where all events are checked at a rate of sixty frames per second, which is not efficient, but very readable and orderly.

When checking the event in the fast loop, I use an IF statement that must be passed, in order to execute anything else. Not surprisingly, for a computer this is insignificant effort, so the performance is not impacted, at all.

If performance would be impacted, then I would choose efficiency over readability. But as long as it is not, then readability is always my priority. If you cannot quickly read through it, then it is too complicated to be practical!


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