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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shrooming Amsterdam

It has always been the purpose of this blog to share the unusual things that I sometimes do. Ideas, art, sure, but also actual travels! Now, that I am finally traveling again, I would like to share with you my experience of taking Golden Mazatec shrooms in Amsterdam, city center.

Smoking weed and chillin' with friends, some days later in Toronto, the next leg to my adventure.

I present to you, three short videos during my tripping. Thoughts from the ride, below.

"The self is not your fucking though about it. It is a real being. Your body if you want. But it is thinking too!!!
You must consider others. This is unaffected logical thinking. Others, and your own intellect, are together in this. 
Your body is your first child!!!!! (Shit, I know this will be read to others.) You ask, and it gives, smartly. This is life itself, the essence. 
Tripping is just losing our normal control over the body. And we always abuse control; coercion. :-(
Work together with it. As fucking equals."

I found myself starting to trip while outside, in no comfort. I realized this too late. Trees were already swaying, vivid colors, and I was struggling to control my emotions. Bursting in laughter and feeling lost and alone. Closing my eyes gave me no comfort, as I saw many intricate angular shapes. I rested on a bench, to then realize that it is just my struggles against myself, my honest self, that cause this.

I needed only to trust myself, completely, and things will be fine. And so I did! I let my body feel my way back to the hostel, to my bed. It was an amazing experience. My mind did not know the way, could not control with confidence. But given trust, my body recognized and directed me through unfamiliar streets, all the way back to safety.

Safety. Definitely important, when tripping balls. I was basically a baby. Unable to resist anything. Just barely holding myself from laying down for a nap. I am glad that it ended well, and gave me a great lesson, too.

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